So you have a killer website with an active email list and thousands of friends on social networks.  You’ve nailed all the things that are supposed to bring you success on the web.  But is it working?  Is any of it making a difference?  Most importantly, is any of it making you any money?

Getting your business established in the digital environment and getting the primary marketing channels rolling is only half the battle.  Most of the feedback is under the hood, so you have to keep a solid eye on your measurement tools in order to see where you’re having the most success and where you still need to improve.

Let’s take a look at the means of measuring your success online.

Web Analytics

Thanks to tools like Google’s Analytics engine and other similar site tracking software options, it’s possible to get an accurate, real-time look at the levels of traffic coming through your site and the behavior patterns of those visitors.  Knowing where the traffic is coming from and how it flows through the site can help you determine where to focus your marketing energies and how to improve the sales funnel on your site.

Keep up with the Numbers

It may seem like bean counting, but knowing how many likes you have on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and views on your YouTube offerings can give you a solid idea of how far your message is traveling on the web.  Track these numbers and use them as a gauge for tracking success over time.

Search Rankings

In web search, it’s all about the keywords (those words you type when you do a search).  Various tools allow you to see where your site ranks for various high-volume search terms, helping you build a steady climb to more and more first page rankings around the web.  Sometimes you’ll get traffic for keywords you hadn’t anticipated.  There are other rankings of value too.  How does your Twitter following stack up to others in your field?  Where do your blog posts rank on bookmarking sites?  These ranking can give another perspective on your relative ranking in different areas.


If you’re curious what people really think of you and your products, you can use tools like Survey Monkey to initiate a customer survey and poll the audience for feedback.  These can be useful in getting candid responses from folks protected by anonymity in a large group.

These tools and techniques used together can give a fairly accurate composite view of your business’s strength online and what you need to do with your marketing strategy to improve your standings.  Measurement is crucial to success in digital marketing.