It’s easy to get excited by the possibilities afforded by the digital space. There are so many free digital marketing tools that have enormous power to channel your message and products out to your potential audience. There are almost 2 billion people online in 2015 and some of them are your ideal customers and clients. However, before you go jumping on the bandwagon and doing what it seems like everyone else is doing, you need to understand the tools available and, more importantly, when and why to use them.

It’s important to start with identifying your company’s business goals on the web. What are you hoping to achieve? Only by having a clear idea of where you want to go can you determine how best to get there. Next you identify who you’re target market is and where they hang out online. Not every business is the same and each consumer demographic exhibits different online behavior and shopping patterns. No sense in spending time and energy to put content and advertising in a corner of the web where no one cares or has any interest in your products or brand (that’s what traditional television commercials and newspaper ads are for).

Once we have a clear understanding of our goals and who we’re talking to out there in cyber-land, we get to the fun part of determining which online marketing tools to use to reach them.

What is Digital Marketing?

The Internet affords businesses a whole new place in which to open up shop in addition to your standard brick-and-mortar storefront on Main Street. Many of the tools we use in digital marketing strategies achieve the same ends that traditional marketing tools do, only the web offers them cheaper and with more automation to maintain them over the long term.

A website is like a digital storefront that’s always open and cheap to operate. Your customers can find information about you, shop your products, and contact you directly with questions. Your blog maintains a steady update of relevant information on your brand and industry that your customer network can comment on and share with others. The website is like a living brochure for who you are and what you offer, while offering the tools to make transactions and handle customer service. It should reflect your brand in style, design, and functionality and offer a clean and simple interface for users.

In addition to the standard digital storefront afforded by your website, there is an entire suite of tools and platforms that allow you to keep in touch with the people who continually (or might) give you their hard-earned money. A mailing list is a direct line to their inbox, one they gave you permission to use by signing up on their own. This direct, somewhat personal connection to potential consumers is invaluable and must be protected and curated carefully.

Everyone in retail business and the service industry knows that customer service is paramount to the success of your enterprise. It’s for this reason that so many businesses rely on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and the hundreds of directories and review sites that allow customers a chance to interact with you and leave feedback on their experience. This is an excellent new frontier for engendering customer loyalty and new business. Carefully monitoring your reputation and communication on the web creates a trust between consumers and businesses that has never been possible before.

Bringing it All Together

For anything your business needs to do online, there’s a tool or platform that’s perfect for it. You just have to know which to use and how to optimize them for best results. That’s where a digital marketing agency comes into play. As your partner in business and success, we streamline the process and hand-pick the tactics that net you the largest return on your investment. Working with a team of professionals means applying the pulse of the digital age to the growth of your business. That’s the promise of digital marketing.

Give us a call if you have questions about your web visibility, brand reputation, or digital marketing strategy. We’re only a phone call away.